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Multiple studies have been collated for this database, however, the annotation with appropriate citations is ongoing. Please contact me with any corrections or additions. The following studies are presently included, but may not be linked to all of the relevent origin sites.

Genome-wide origin mapping studies:

Liachko et al., 2010:::PubMed::::::PLoS Genetics:::

Shor et al. (2009):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::PLoS Genetics:::

Xu et al. (2006):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::BMC Genomics:::

Nieduszynski et al. (2006):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::Genes Dev.:::

Feng et al. (2006):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::Nat Cell Biol:::

Breier et al. (2004):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::Genome Biology:::PDF

Yabuki et al. (2002):::PubMed:::Genes to Cells::::::

Wyrick et al. (2001):::PubMed::::::Science:::

Raghuraman et al. (2001):::PubMed:::Science::::::

Whole chromosome origin mapping studies:

Poloumienko et al. (2001):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::MBC online:::

Yamashita et al. (1997):::PubMed::::::Genes Cells. :::

Friedman et al. (1997):::PubMed:::::::::

Shirahige et al. (1993):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Newlon et al. (1993):::PubMed:::::::::

Reynolds et al. (1989):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Origin mapping and characterization studies:

Chang et al. (2008):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::Mol Cell Biol:::

Crampton et al. (2008):::PubMed:::Cell::::::

Donato et al. (2006):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::PLoS Genetics:::PDF

Irlbacher et al. (2005):::PubMed:::Genes Dev.::::::

Nieduszynski et al. (2005):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::NAR:::PDF

Huang & Kowalski (2003):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::NAR:::

Cosgrove et al. (2002):::PubMed:::Genes & Development::::::

Wilmes & Bell (2002):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::PNAS:::

Sharma et al. (2001):::PubMed::::::Genetics:::

Wang et al. (2001):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::Mol Cell Biol:::

Wang et al. (2001):::PubMed::::::Cancer Res:::

Theis & Newlon (2001):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::Mol Cell Biol:::

Santocanale et al. (1999):::PubMed::::::Genes Dev.:::

Bielinsky & Gerbi (1999):::PubMed::::::Mol. Cell:::

Hurst & Rivier (1999):::PubMed:::J Biol Chem::::::

Vujcic et al. (1999):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::Mol Cell Biol.:::

Rivier et al. (1999):::PubMed::::::Genetics:::

Theis et al. (1999):::PubMed::::::Genetics:::

Miller et al. (1999):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::NAR:::

Iraqui et al. (1998):::PubMed::::::Mol Gen Genet:::

Bielinsky & Gerbi (1998):::PubMed::::::Science:::

Lin & Kowalski (1997):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::Mol Cell Biol:::

Theis & Newlon (1997):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::PNAS:::

Raychaudhuri et al. (1997):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::NAR:::

Santocanale & Diffley (1996):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Tanaka et al. (1996):::PubMed:::::::::

Huang & Kowalski (1996):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::NAR:::

Friedman et al. (1996):::PubMed:::::::::

Gammie & Rose, (1995):::PubMed:::::::::

Rao et al. (1994):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Theis & Newlon (1994):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Collins & Newlon (1994):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Miller & Kowalski (1993):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Huang & Kowalski (1993):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Marahrens & Stillman (1992):::PubMed:::::::::

Zhu et al. (1992):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Natale et al. (1992):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::PNAS:::

Deshpande & Newlon (1992):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Rivier & Rine (1992):::PubMed:::::::::

Greenfeder & Newlon (1992):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Ferguson et al. (1991):::PubMed:::::::::

Newlon et al. (1991):::PubMed::::::Genetics:::

Dubey et al. (1991):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Walker et al. (1990):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::PNAS:::

Van Houten & Newlon (1990):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Umek & Kowalski (1990):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Linskens & Huberman (1988):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Huberman et al. (1988):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Umek & Kowalski (1988):::PubMed:::::::::

Eisenberg et al. (1988):::PubMed:::PubMed Central:::PNAS:::

Palzkill & Newlon (1988):::PubMed:::::::::

Sasnauskas et al. (1987):::PubMed:::::::::

Brand et al. (1987):::PubMed:::::::::

Palzkill et al. (1986):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Russell et al. (1986):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Button & Astell (1986):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Bouton & Smith (1986):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Skryabin et al. (1984):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Kearsey (1984):::PubMed:::::::::

Dimock et al. (1984):::PubMed:::::::::

Larimer et al. (1983):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Kearsey (1983):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::

Celniker & Campbell (1982):::PubMed:::::::::

Hsiao & Carbon (1981):::PubMed:::::::::

Feldmann et al. (1981):::PubMed::::::NAR:::

Stinchcomb et al. (1979):::PubMed:::::::::

Szostak & Wu (1979):::PubMed:::::::::

Struhl et al. (1979):::PubMed:::PubMed Central::::::


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