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Yeast DNA Replication Laboratories

Eukaryotic DNA Replication website - from Dr Sue Cotterill & Dr Stephen Kearsey.

ReplicationDomain - genome-wide replication timing data from Dr David Gilbert and others.

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Yeast Genome Resources:

Yeast Genome Database (SGD)

UCSC Genome Browser (UCSC)

Yeast Gene Duplications


Yeast DNA Replication Laboratories:

Nieduszynski Lab (University of Nottingham)

Aparicio Lab (USC, USA)

Brewer / Raghuraman Lab (University of Washington, Seattle, USA)

Bell Lab (MIT, USA)

Diffley Lab (LRI, CancerResearchUK)

Donaldson Lab (University of Aberdeen, Scotland)

Fox Lab (University of Wisconsin)

Huberman Lab (Roswell Park, USA)

Kearsey Lab (University of Oxford)

Kowalski Lab (Roswell Park, USA) - Web-based tools

Newlon Lab (UMDNJ, USA)

Shirahige Lab (TIT, Japan)

Stillman Lab (CSHL, USA)

Tye Lab (Cornell, USA)

Weinreich Lab (Van Andel Institute, USA)


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